Current News Spotlight

  • 2019 Winter HBAK Meeting

    Save the date.......January 16-18, 2019.

    Come and join your home builder friends for the yearly HBAK Awards Reception and Winter Meeting.

    The meeting will be held in Bowling Green at the Holiday Inn University Plaza.

    There will be food and spirits along with great training to start the new year off right.

    Sign up today......

  • The Kentucky Design & Remodeling Awards – 2017

    This is a great way to promote your business – winning a state award is something to publicize!

    Today opens registration for this year’s awards.  All HBAK members have until August 4, 2017 to register for the awards and until September 29, 2017 to submit their project. Projects must have been completed after January 1, 2016.

  • 2017 HBAK Summer Meeting

    The 2017 HBAK Summer Meeting will be held in Louisville on July 19-21 at the Galt House Hotel.  

  • HBAK Design Awards Winners!

    Congratulations to all our winners!


    Design Awards.pdf

  • Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Rule

    In a victory for our Association, a federal judge in Texas on Nov. 22 granted a preliminary injunction to delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule. The rule, which was scheduled to take effect Dec. 1, would double the minimum salary limit from $23,660 to $47,476.

  • 2016 Kentucky Design and Remodeling Awards




  • 2016 Sponsorships

    The Home Builders Association of Kentucky (HBAK) is looking forward to 2016 with great enthusiasm. We are pleased to announce a menu of Sponsorship Opportunities for 2016 and we want to invite you to be a part of these great events.

  • 2016 HBAK Summer Meeting

    The 2016 HBAK summer meeting will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, June 13-16, at the Galt House Hotel. The Tuesday night HIPACK reception will be held on the Belle of Louisville.

  • HUD-1 Form Will Disappear on Oct. 3

  • Waters of the U.S. Rule Takes Effect Aug. 28

    The new definition of “waters of the U.S.” (WOTUS) under the Clean Water Act becomes effective Aug. 28, and it will make a big difference for property owners who suddenly find out that they need to consult with the federal government before they can develop their land.